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MASW and Mapping of Shear Wave Velocity

What is MASW?

MASW stands for Multichannel Analysis of Seismic Waves, and is a way to measure the Shear Wave velocity (Vs), which is an elastic constant of Young’s modulus. This helps to determine the ground strength, or stiffness, and load-bearing capacity.

MASW is also used to map out soil strength without the need for drilling. This helps to identify rock head depth, soil stiffness, and void location.


Seismic Equipment in action

Equipment in action

Site investigation planning

Field Team collecting Data

Site investigation planning

Dispersion Curve - Match curve to veolcity

Site investigation services

Velocity [profile versus depth

Site investigation services

Match Velocty to Strength

Site investigation services

Masw section

A very powerful and fast geophysical method.

Utilize a geophysical survey and advanced processing techniques to precisely measure the Shear wave velocity of the soils.

Active mode – to 25m

Passive Mode up 100m range .     No need for sources uses natural ground noise source