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How to  find a good supply of groundwater ?

Everyone asks this question...

I want to show you, stop this being a gamble, a magic trick. I want to put some structure into  this process... Ive been here many times.. succeeded where others fail... This is not black magic --- its not a mystery ---  here is  some steps to follow... GOOD LUCK

Start  number one step -ASK - what  is required , locations, volume of water, what are the water quality requirements, what times of year do they require  and how is it being used?

FIND OUT  What are provincial or regional permitting and  legal requirements

First - review geology, types of formations and what other wells in area.. needs a systematic approach

Second - What is the possible target, depth and  features , think what is best way to find it, how is it different to what is around it?

Third - Using these ideas design a survey, is geophysics needed ? where do i drill, what else do i need to do?


  1. Do the field work
  2. Interpret
  3. Review geology and all information
  4. Site test well
  5. Drill hole
  6. Test well yield by running pumping tests
  7. Review results and decide if this meets requirements
  8. Review all steps see if more wells required
  9. If a larger project may need an intensive study including computer models


engineering geology

Groundwater is water that is stored under the earth’s surface within soil and rock layers.


When rain falls, only a small portion of the water flows across the ground as runoff and enters streams or rivers.

Much of this water remains trapped in the soil and percolates (seeps) deep into the ground and becomes groundwater.

Once surface water becomes groundwater it can remain underground anywhere between a few days to thousands of years.

In many cases, groundwater is a direct part of the surface water system and transitions between flowing above ground and underground regularly.


Groundsearch can locate, map and quantify ground water

We do this using smart technologies, using our experience and expertise

  1. exploration
  2. drilling
  3. testing
  4. resource measurement
  5. yield assessment


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