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Groundsearch actively involved with multiple international exploration programs in locations as diverse as Mongolia, Cambodia and Africa, as well as operations throughout New Zealand.

We have a diverse set of capabilities, and a strong base of experience in Asia and surrounds.


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Mapping of geology and geological targets

african targets

Analyse airborne data and develop targets

imagery analysis





Two key concepts are Greenfield and Brownfield. A Greenfield project refers to a brand new initiative developed from scratch, not based on any existing systems or code. It's like building on a greenfield site, land that has yet to be developed. On the other hand, a Brownfield project utilizes previously developed resources, similar to redeveloping a brownfield site, land that has been built on before. Both types of projects have their unique risks, costs, and benefits.In the exploration phase of a project, methods such as auger, trenching, and pitting are used.

Exploration drilling


Trenching and test pitting allow for shallow exploration of easily excavated rock or soil materials, enabling visual inspection of strata. This is crucial in logging profiles and selecting samples. Pitting refers to the formation of small pits in a surface due to corrosion, a factor to consider during site development.

Mapping and data collection

field mapping and sample collection

Stream sediment survey design

stream sediments

Design of Geochemical programs


Pan concentrates

Pan samples
3d view of possible pit design

Pit design

  • Project generation and consulting


  • Greenfield/Brownfield program design

  • Auger, Trenching and Pitting and follow up ground geophysics

  • Detailed surveys and drill target generation / resource definition

Detailed surveys and drill target generation are part of the reconnaissance and prospecting stages of a project. These stages generate resource data with clearly defined degrees of geological assurance, which is essential for the mineral extraction process that typically begins with the G4 stage.

In conclusion, project generation involves a series of steps from idea conception to detailed exploration and target generation. Whether it's a Greenfield or Brownfield project, each stage requires careful planning, execution, and monitoring to ensure successful outcomes



Data integration

Data analysis

Geology interpetatiom

Groundsearch is a company that has been around for a long time and is known for its good underground technology. They hire experts to help their customers get important information. They use special tools and always work hard.

Financial evaluation

financial evaluation

With the backing of our established experience in exploration projects throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Pacific, Groundsearch can manage exploration programs effectively and efficiently.

  1. Ground  selection - Acquisition of licenses 

  2. Design and execution of field programs from startup through to resource measurement,

  3. Management of the projects to international standards

  4. Reporting compliant with JORC to Australian Stock exchange and 43-101 Canadian Stock exchange

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