Gold Exploration, Groundwater, Geotechnical investigation, Image the ground and subsurface

 Specialized antennas are our strength, we offer a range of antenna from air launched to UAV launched to bore antenna for specific issues in ground

Road GPR

Road GPR antenna — High Speed on the fly data

Example Road GPR Data

Bore Radar

Borehole antennas give more value  from a drilled borehole.
Bore GPR will reduce overall number of holes needed for the final report,
providing much more information than just drilling
Groundsearch offer this as a service or a product for sale

Collecting Bore Radar Data

Bore Radar Data


Bore Radar antenna

UAV launched  GPR

The one and only Mid Range airborne system

This antenna is run suspended off a UAV

The system can operate separately and data stored on board

For that mission critical application


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