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Locating pipes, conduits, hidden sinkholes and layers

The GPR systems page shows  our  solutions for the utility location surveys or any other investigation that requires shallow depth investigations. The unit is the combination of several our top of the line products: the control unit Akula , the new SVC-820 survey cart, one of our shallow depth antennas at your choice and our powerful collection and post processing software package. This unit is targeted for applications such as: Utility detection and mapping Void detection and location Environmental damage location Forensic investigations Archaeology

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Pipe Locator System

The Pipe Locators (PIL) System   is the perfect choice for your mid range ground penetrating radar (GPR) applications. With a bandwidth from 100 MHz to well beyond 600 MHz and a super fast acquisition times this unit will comply with all the survey needs of deep and mid range applications. The exceptionally low power consumption and the easy user interface will make the PIL  your unit of choice for applications such as: Utility detection and mapping Void detection and location Environmental damage location Forensic investigations Archaeology

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GCB Antennas

The GCB series of shielded ground coupled antennas are the main working horse of many consulting companies at a daily basis. These antennas provide an outstanding signal to noise ratio, an excellent form and weight factor and finally but not the least a penetration depth not achievable with similar products from other manufacturers. The series extend from center frequencies from 20MHz and up to 2500MHz to cover most of the ground penetrating radar applications.

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Application specific antennas

 Specialized antennas are our strength, we offer a range of antenna from air launched to UAV launched to bore antenna for specific issues in ground

Road GPR

Road GPR antenna — High Speed on the fly data

Example Road GPR Data

Bore Radar

Borehole antennas give more value  from a drilled borehole.
Bore GPR will reduce overall number of holes needed for the final report,
providing much more information than just drilling
Groundsearch offer this as a service or a product for sale

Collecting Bore Radar Data

Bore Radar Data


Bore Radar antenna

UAV launched  GPR

The one and only Mid Range airborne system

This antenna is run suspended off a UAV

The system can operate separately and data stored on board

For that mission critical application


The imagery and text all (c) copyright to Geoscanners Sweden and is reproduced with permission for marketing their equipment

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GPR Processing

Software sales

GPRSoft™ is the affordable and user friendly solution for displaying, post-processing and interpreting ground penetrating radar data. With an intuitive interface and the shortest possible learning curve it allows you to focus on your work rather than on the tool you are using! GPRSoft™ has full support for data files from all the major GPR manufacturers and we are constantly revising the implemented formats to comply with newer modifications or add-ons.

Supported File Formats

  • GSF Geoscanners Survey Files
  • GOF Geoscanners Object Files
  • DT IDS Files
  • DZT GSSI Files
  • DAT Data Files
  • RD3 Malå Files
  • SEG-Y Segy Files
  • DT1 SensorsSoftware DT1

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Data Processing

In addition to the software Groundsearch can take your data, process and interpret as a service

Software School

Groundsearch also provide training in use and operation of Software    
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Multi-Frequency Antenna


 The ground penetrating radar antennas is complete  for the lower part of the spectrum with the MFC1250 multi-frequency antenna.


Geoscanners Multi frequency antenna data  – This shows an image of a bedrock layer at 10 to 25 m depth