Gold Exploration, Groundwater, Geotechnical investigation, Image the ground and subsurface

ERI ---Electrical Resistivity Imaging equipment

An international team .. Canada, Taiwan  and China
  • Geophysical technique research
  • Instrument development
We manufacture equipment , we support engineering and environmental geophysical services.

We set a high technical and quality standard and pioneer innovation for our product and services. We have ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certification and CE certification. We initiated “Geophysics plus” concept, aiming at providing professional and reliable geophysical instruments, while offering comprehensive solutions to our clients.
Geomative offers seven main engineering services,
  1. Groundwater
  2. Geo technical
  3. Environmental
  4. Real Time Monitoring
  5. Contaminated sites
  6.  Remote Sensors
  7. Cloud storage platform
Our customers include Groundwater exploration companies, geological survey institutes, geophysical companies, universities, etc. all over 40 countries and regions like South Asia, North & South America, Australia, Middle East and Africa
We also support geophysical surveys for contaminated sites and groundwater contamination, and engineering geological site investigation. This includes an online real-time environmental monitoring system, including the geophysical instruments, sensors and a cloud platform storage system.

equipment features

① Aluminum alloy casing provides protection to the internal electronics modules

② Rubber handle enhanced shock protection

③ 5.7’inch full color LED and good resolution with super brightness, enhancing readability under direct sunlight

④ 6 shortcut keys include function and user interface keys

⑤ 5 menu buttons that shows menu, forward, back ward, etc

⑥ Scrolling button: for browsing menu

⑦ RS485 COM port, to external control modules

⑧ Charging port, voltage range is up to 24-60V.

⑨ ERT interface, strong and durable, long life

⑩6A protection fuse for over current protection

⑪Multi-channel receiving port (only available for GD-20)

Geomative GD20 controller

Geomative GD20 display and controller

Geomative GD10 controller

Geomative GD10 controller and transmitter

Accessories features

① Cables

② Stainless steel spikes

③ equipment cases

④  non polarizable porcelain voltage electrodes

⑤ interconnect cables and fuses

⑥ multiplexer boxes for multi-channel system

⑦ manuals


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