Gold Exploration, Groundwater, Geotechnical investigation, Image the ground and subsurface

Groundsearch expands Asian Services – groundwater wells

The client required confirmation of yield and distribution of underground water

bore testing

Using solar power for wells

Do we use solar power for production wellsl

1. cant do large yielding wells

2. saves using fossil fuels

3. need a lot more wells for same outputs

4. no power reticulation

5. can only pump during daylight hours


ill be interested to hear other opinions

Site investigation planning

Ground radar to determine soil structures

Site investigation planning

Example GPR sections

Site investigation planning

Ground radar

Groundsearch- Geo-technical Project to investigate soil structures

Drilling around under storage tanks to locate possible disrupted zones

Detailed Level surveys to check ground levels and establish levels in the areas exactly

An experienced survey company

Site investigation planning

Loading in equipment, solve the issues-- just routine for us