MASW and Mapping of Shear Wave Velocity

What is MASW?

Multichannel Analysis of seismic waves

Shear Wave velocity ( Vs). Vs is one of the elastic constants , ( Young’s modulus). V

Vs is an indicator of the ground strength (stiffness) and load-bearing capacity.

  • Rock head Depth
  • Soil Stiffness
  • Void Location

A method to map soils strength without drilling.

Measure the Shear wave velocity of the soils using a geophysical survey and very smart processing.

Fill in gaps between drill holes – corelate to SPT hammer data and soil strength data.

A very powerful and fast geophysical method.

Active mode – to 25m

Passive mode to more than 100m. No need for sources uses natural ground noise source


  • Rock Base and Geotechnical data from MASW
  • Mapping Rock head to 100m or more
  • Determine soil stiffness and strength directly from Geophysical Data
  • Liquefaction Potential
  • Correlate with SPT /Drill Hole and other site information

Multichannel Analysis of Shear Wave data or MASW

MASW is a non-destructive method use advance or as adjunct to drilling to give soil and rock depth and soil strength.

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